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confirm the future of pre-school beyond the end of term - notification of Extraordinary General Meeting - 23 July 2024

Your existing Committee Members will be standing down at this Extraordinary General Meeting, without the support from any further parents there will be no Pre-School Committee.

Without a Pre-School Committee our organisation will no longer be able to operate beyond the end of Summer 2024 term, this means that it will not open in Autumn 2024.

When the three existing members of the committee (Landscape Gardener, Retailer, & Air Ambulance Dispatcher) took the baton on from the Previous Committee in COVID times, we had very little knowledge in how to operate a Pre-School but with the support of those around us we managed it. With our children no-longer in the Setting from the end of this term, the time has come for us to pass this batton on.

Those who step forward will be supported by Devon County Council's Early Years team, who will support the new Committee in operating Pre-School

Securing your child's Early Years development and connecting with other to build social skills is one of the biggest impacts in you child's life. Unfortunately small rural settings need paretns to continue, as the model is not attractive to larger Pre-School chains run by private companies. Please step forward to secure the future of Pre-School. For more information speak to Tom Poland (Pre-School Chairman) -

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